Retort PCM-58 - History

Retort PCM-58 - History

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(PCM58: dp. 150; 1. 120'; b. 20'; dr. 7'6"; s. 12 k.; a. 1 3",
6 mg., 2 dct.)

Retort was built as the steam yacht Enaj IV in 1923 by George Lawley ~ Sons, Neponset, Mass. Later named Kooyung II, she was purchased by the Navy as Evelyn R I1, 21 August 1940, from Mr. W. R. Reid, Houston, Tex., partially converted at Galveston, and commissioned as PC-458 on 16 January 1941, Ens. M. V. Carson, Jr., USNR, in command.

On 18 January, PC-458 got underway for Charleston where her conversion was completed in February. In mid-March she departed the east coast and, on 25 April, reported for duty in the 15th Naval Oistrict. Renamed Retort and reclassified PYc-49 on 15 July 1943, the converted yacht patrolled the approaches to the Panama Canal until ordered back to the linited States for inactivation in July 1944. She departed Cristobal 12 August. On the 31st she arrived at Philadelphia where she was decommissioned 23 September 1944. Her name was struck from the Navy list 14 October 1944.

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