Ephemeris of September 19

Ephemeris of September 19

1899: The President of the Republic Emile Loubet, following the advice of his President of the Council, Waldeck-Rousseau, pardoned Alfred Dreyfus, who had been sentenced a few days earlier to 10 years' imprisonment during the review of his trial.

1783: In front of the court brought together by a Louis XVI keen on invention, the two brothers Montgolfier achieve the feat of making a balloon of 400 cubic meters fly.

1440 : Gilles de Rais, Joan of Arc's faithful companion in arms is accused of several hundred murders.

1356: The French army is crushed by English archers during the battle of Poitiers.

480: Surrounded by seven hundred Spartan, Theban and Platean volunteers, Leonidas I, King of Sparta, heroically fights the Persian army against the Thermopylae, allowing the Greek army to retreat.

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