Ephemeris of July 27

Ephemeris of July 27

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1953 : End of the Korean War. An armistice is signed between the belligerents in Pan Mun Jom.

1890: Suffering from a crisis of dementia and gnawed by anguish, the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh kills himself.

1830 : July Revolution : the Parisian population rebels against Charles X.

1794 : End of the EarthA: Disowned by the Convention, Robespierre and St Just are arrested and then guillotined without trial.

1214 : Battle of Bouvines : Philippe Auguste defeats the emperor Otto IV of Brunswick, ally of the king of England Jean sans Terre, and the Flemish allies.

Video: Astro-Ephemeris-Animation for 2010 by Robert von Heeren


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