Ephemeris of June 20

Ephemeris of June 20

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1991. Berlin becomes the capital of the reunified German Federal Republic, after being divided for almost 45 years. The Bundestag (destroyed by fire in 1933) will again be the seat of the German Parliament in 1999.

1940: While the French army is in the midst of a collapse, the battleship Jean Bart, although unfinished, manages to leave the harbor of Saint Nazaire and reach Morocco.

1900. In Beijing, members of a secret society known as "Boxers »Rise up against the foreign presence and begin to massacre Europeans and Christians. The colonial powers will then unite to put down this movement in a war that will end in September 1901.

1792. TheWithout Panties walk on the royal palace of the Tuileries for the anniversary of the Jeu de Paume. King Louis XVI, who was forced to wear the red cap, nevertheless refused to give in to their demands.

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