Name Jules: origin, history, etymology and meaning

Name Jules: origin, history, etymology and meaning

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The Julius were the members of a patrician family of Rome, supposed to descend from Iule, the son of Aeneas, and from which Jules Caesar. This first name spread throughout the ancient world. It was common in the 19th century, then disappeared until 2000 before returning to fashion. Celebration on April 12.

Origin and etymology of the first name Jules

From Latin Julius, name of an important Roman family (the people Julia). The Julia family attached its name to that of Aeneas' son, Julus (also called Ascanius), the presumed ancestor of the legendary founder of Rome, Romulus. From this family comes the Roman general and politician Julius Caesar (100-44 BC). After the conquest of Gaul and the elimination of his adversary Pompey, he installed Cleopatra on the throne of Egypt, and returned to Rome with a halo of glory. Skillful demagogue exercising almost monarchical power, he was assassinated by Republican conspirators (including his adopted son Brutus) during the Ides of March 1944.

Saint Julius was for his part a pope in the 4th century, who built many basilicas.

Julien is a variant of Julius, illustrated in Antiquity by the Emperor Julian the Apostate, in the 4th century, who abandoned the Catholic religion and favored paganism.

Use and popularity of the first name Jules

The surname of Julius Caesar quickly evolved into a first name and was common in Antiquity. Hardly used in medieval times, it reappeared in force in the 19th century, to the point where it became a common name, "my Jules, un jules", designating a virile man; the first name disappeared, and has been back in vogue since 2000. Julien was very popular for his part in the 80s.

The 19th century provides the bulk of the famous Jules' battalion. We can cite among them the writers Jules Renard and Jules Verne, the historian Jules Michelet and the politicians Jules Grévy and Jules Ferry, the latter's name being linked to the birth of the republican school.

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