May 31st ephemeris

May 31st ephemeris

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1793: Called by Robespierre, Parisians sans culottes, surrounded the Convention and demanded the judgment of the Girondins deputies, whom they considered guilty of colluding with foreign powers to restore the monarchy. This coup, seals the fall of the Girondins and will lead to the so-called “Terror” period. "
1902: The boer war, opposing the Transvaal and Orange states to the British Empire, ended with the Treaty of Vereeniging.

1916 : Battle of Jutland , off Denmark, between the British and German navies. The confrontation, titanic in terms of the number of ships involved, ended in a half-hearted victory for the German fleet, which if it was able to escape destruction will have to remain confined in its home ports until the end of the war. world War 1.

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