May 6 ephemeris

May 6 ephemeris

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1994: Queen Elizabeth II and the President François Mitterrand inaugurate the Channel Tunnel.
1937: The German Zeppelin " Hindenburg", 245 meters long, ignited on its arrival at Lakehurst airport near New York.
1889: The opening of the 4th Paris Universal Exhibition celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Revolution, starring the Eiffel Tower.
1840: To lower the cost of transporting letters, the Englishman Rowland Hill invents the stamp paid at a single price regardless of the destination.
1682: The King, the Court and the government leave the Louvre and Saint-Germain-en-Laye to settle in Castle of Versailles.
1527: The city of Rome is sacked by the emperor's troops Charles Quint.

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