The little Joan of Arc Quiz

The little Joan of Arc Quiz

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After the quizzes devoted to the First World War, the Navy and Versailles, Grégoire Thonnat offers us a new theme: the Maid of Orleans! The opportunity to (re) discover this emblematic figure of the history of France!

We have already presented several small quizzes by Grégoire Thonnat, from question to answer you could follow him in the mud of the trenches, under the crystal chandeliers and the gilding of Versailles or on the deck of a ship splitting the foam. .. He now takes you on board in the middle of the Hundred Years War alongside one of the most atypical figures in French history: Joan of Arc!

The principle has not changed: in this little book, you have a thematic chronology and a top 5 (yes, before you were entitled to a top 10! But that was before ...) : 5 mini biographical notes (Jean Juvénal des Ursins, Pierre Cauchon ...), five bibliographical advice for young people and five books recommended for an adult audience (including of course Colette Beaune, Philippe Contamine ...). Finally, as usual, the book redirects us to two sites to visit which are at the origin of the publication: the Historial Jeanne d'Arc and Panorama XXL, both in Rouen.

But the heart of the book are the 50 questions / answers on the Maid: what language does Joan speak? What is its social origin? What do we call the Middle Ages? Why will Jeanne fight her first battle against the English in Orleans? What is Joan of Arc's real military role? What are Joan's last words at the stake?

With friends, family or alone, it's up to you to see how you will use this little quiz, but without a doubt it will allow you to revive some knowledge and (re) discover this Joan of Arc who nearly six years old. hundred years after his death does not cease to feed the news!

Gregoire Thonnat, the Little Joan of Arc Quiz, Published by Métropole Rouen Normandie, 2016.

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