Ephemeris of February 19

Ephemeris of February 19

1942: The Vichy government brings to justice the former French political and military leaders: Edouard Daladier, Guy La Chambre, Maurice Gamelin, Léon Blum and Robert Jacomet to Riom in the Puy-de-Dôme. They are accused of being responsible for the 1940 defeat.

1803: Bonaparte restores the Swiss Confederation, made up of 19 cantons governed by a federal diet.

1797: As Napoleon Bonaparte's troops invade Italy, the Pope’s representatives are forced to sign the Tolentino treaty, by which the Papal States lose important territories.

197: In Lyon, Septimius Severe defeats his rival Albinus and becomes Roman Emperor. The city, which had chosen the wrong camp, is devastated in retaliation.

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