The loves that made France (Guy Breton)

The loves that made France (Guy Breton)

The famous series of Guy Breton « Love Stories from the History of France ”Is finally reissued under the title“ the Loves who made France ”. These ten volumes are therefore recommended to all readers who could not obtain the first edition of 1965, in square format, all in leather, the writing of which was in color every other page and whose "photos were glued" !

Volume 1 from Clovis to Charles VII

The first volume tells us the story of Clotilde the wife of Clovis, the tumultuous nights of Eleanor of Aquitaine in Antioch; the wedding of Philippe Auguste and his Danish wife, then the story of Princess Urraca who gives way to Blanche of Castile because "never a queen of France was called Urraca"; the same Blanche de Castille who signs a peace treaty favorable to the kingdom thanks to her love songwriter; Philippe le Bel ruled by his wife Jeanne de Navarre, who established a sumptuary law whereby everyone must restrict their lifestyle… the foal was thus born; Marguerite de Bourgogne, because of her very dissolute private life, which is at the origin of one of the fundamental laws of the French monarchy: exclusion of women from the right to the crown ... and at the origin of the Hundred Years War !

We understand better the defeat of Crécy, due to the annoyances undergone by Philippe VI; Bertrand Du Guesclin who offers France a victory (which has not happened for 30 years) because he is very much in love with his wife; Queen Isabeau and her many antics necessary for her balance and the appeasement of her nerves, her hatred for Joan the Maid and the schemes to make her disappear; or the madness of King Charles VI and all his extravagances told with a lot of humor; finally Charles VII who takes over the reins of his kingdom thanks to Agnès Sorel…

Our opinion

Thanks to Guy Breton's verve and humor, "Les Amours qui ont fait la France" can be read in one go, like a novel, thanks to the short chapters, details and anecdotes that we always enjoy discovering. and that one does not necessarily find in history books. These are not just love stories, it is also an opportunity to understand certain alliances, certain signed treaties, the rebellions of different parties seeking to gain power or the origin of common expressions. It is thus a playful way of learning history in order to deepen, subsequently, the characters and periods.

Hats off to Isabeau of Bavaria's life story: greedy for power, she hatched every possible plan, with the help of her lovers to get rid of all the inconveniences!

The second volume from François Ier to Henri III is therefore eagerly awaited!

The loves that made France: Tome 1, by Guy Breton. Editions France Empire, June 2012.

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