Archeology Files: Medieval Morocco

Archeology Files: Medieval Morocco

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The Louvre, in partnership with the National Foundation of Museums of Morocco, offers an exhibition on a great Muslim civilization entitled: "Medieval Morocco - An empire from Africa to Spain" is part of the broader framework of cultural cooperation between Morocco and France.

As stated by Mehdi Qotbi, President of the National Foundation of Moroccan Museums, this exhibition is a way of celebrating "the Moroccan medieval heritage by recognizing the originality of its cultural contribution as well as the decisive contribution of a civilization. which marked the history of the Mediterranean rim during the medieval period and radiated far beyond its borders. »Les Éditions Faton offers a complement to this exhibition in the review Archeology files by privileging what makes the specificity of the review the archaeological sources.

After two articles which present the Louvre's exhibition and collaboration with national museums, the dossier offers a synthetic article on the history of medieval Morocco with maps and a chronology allowing the reader to have clear references. The following three articles are devoted to the Almoravid amprid and in particular to Aghmat, the first capital, and Albalat and a “city and fortress”, then come the articles on the Almohad empire presenting the borders and the mountain of Igiliz to the origin of the religious revolution of Ibn Toumart at the origin of the Almohad empire. The file then focuses on the city the Al-Qarawiyyin mosque of Fez with an article devoted to the discoveries of remains of occupations (and in particular stucco and carved fragments) under the mosque dating from the 9th century are presented and another on the monumental doors of the mosque. We then cross the Mediterranean with an article on Seville and its influence in the Almohad era and an insert on the cemeteries of al-Andalus. The arts are not left out with two articles on textiles and Almohad ceramics. Finally, the dossier devoted to Morocco concludes with the Mérinides and the necropolis of Chella in Raba, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The articles are richly illustrated and benefit from a bibliography for further reading. The end of the file as usual is devoted to archaeological news. In short, a number to recommend to the curious and to those who want to know more about this space and these medieval Moroccan empires.

Medieval Morocco - An empire from Africa to Spain. Archeology files, September-October 2014. On newsstands and by subscription.

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