Religions & History: Cyprus between East and West

Religions & History: Cyprus between East and West

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On the occasion of two exhibitions presented at the Louvre, the magazine Religions & History offers a special issue devoted to Cyprus. The island has for centuries been divided between East and West, between Christianity and Islam, and is still today a place of tension with the partition between Greeks and Turks. At a time when the Republic of Cyprus is due to take over the presidency of the Council of the European Union, it is time to look back on its rich history.

Cyprus between Byzantium and the West, 4th-16th century (Louvre)

Most of the file Religions & History is dedicated to the exhibition at the Louvre, Cyprus between Byzantium and the West, 4th-16th century (Louvre). After an interview with the two curators of the exhibition (Jannic Durand and Dorota Giovannoni), the magazine offers articles on the historical context of the period, with the Roman and Byzantine times, then the Frankish period, and that of the Venetians until 'to the conquest of Cyprus by the Ottomans. Other articles focus on the artistic aspects of each era, and on some important figures, such as the Neophyte the Recluse.

Each article is enriched with a remarkable iconography.

Camille Enlart, a Frenchman in Cyprus (Louvre)

The last part of this issue of Religions & History is interested in one of the "discoverers" of the medieval riches of Cyprus, the French traveler and archaeologist Camille Enlart, to whom another exhibition is devoted at the Louvre.

Summary of the special issue of Cyprus between East and West :


- Chronological benchmarks

- Barnabas, apostle of Cyprus (Ourania Perdiki)

- The Church of Cyprus from its origins to the 7th century (Sylvain Destephen)

- Cyprus under the Arab-Byzantine condominium (Christophe Naudin)

- The splendor of the Byzantine Cypriot churches (Ourania Perdiki)

- A Frankish Kingdom of the East (Gilles Grivaud)

- Neophyte the Recluse (Ourania Perdiki)

- The icons of the crusaders (Ourania Perdiki)

- Byzantine manuscripts of Cyprus (Elisabeth Yota)

- The Venetian domination (Christophe Naudin)

- The Ottoman conquest (Christophe Naudin)

- Camille Enlart, a French in Cyprus (Pierre-Yves Le Pogam)


- Itinerary in Cyprus - Portfolio


- Medieval Cyprus on display at the Louvre (interview with Jannic Durand and Dorota Giovannoni)

The Religions & History website.

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