The Essentials of Science & Life Notebooks

The Essentials of Science & Life Notebooks

The Cahiers de Science & Vie are launching a new special edition collection: The Essentials of Science & Life Notebooks, which offer you to find twice a year a luxurious 164-page edition, with a complete and detailed summary of a major Cahiers theme made from the most beautiful pages of the magazine, in a collector's edition. The first opus in this series is devoted to Middle Ages, a time far from frozen and dark and one that is conducive to changes of all kinds.

The essentials on the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages are the time of the great awakening of the urban world which will transform the whole of society. After a long phase of decline, urban societies are experiencing a new dynamic throughout the West. Multiple city, bastide, circulade, cities take various forms and become places where all powers are concentrated and emanate.

This unprecedented dynamism will also win over science and technology. Because the Middle Ages were also the time of cathedrals and of studies. This intellectual renewal driven by the University, a central pillar of culture and knowledge, will spread throughout Europe and fuel a great intellectual proliferation.

The Middle Ages were also the times of progress, of innovation, notably with the widespread use of hydraulic energy, and the adoption of the mechanical clock. Beginning of a new current of thought that would revolutionize science, this period prepared the ground for the industrial revolution.

A DVD including an exclusive interview with Jacques Le Goff

Journalists from Cahiers de Science & Vie are frequently called upon to interview the greatest specialists for the purposes of their investigations. Sometimes these encounters take on a special dimension because of the more personal tone that the researchers themselves give them. In the privacy of their home, they confide their deep convictions, look back on their vocation and their career. The Essentials offer to share these unique moments with you in the form of a DVD.

Discover our interview with Jacques Le Goff, former director of studies at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, who describes with passion this fascinating period in history.

The Essentials of Science & Life Notebooks: The Middle Ages. In kiosk.