When places tell the story of France

When places tell the story of France

At a time when the History of France is somewhat neglected in certain school programs and during the holidays, let us remember that of our country with the book by Nicolas Ebaylin " When places tell the story of France ". The author thus pays homage to "all those who preserved or consolidated the territory whose contours had been determined by Julius Caesar".

Beginning with a practical summary, the chapters follow the chronology of the History of France. They are broken down into regions, cities or specific places, with a location on the map of France. For each place, the author tells its story and offers us tours to admire the remains.

Chapters after chapters, we follow in the footsteps of the first “homo habilis” in the Puy-de-Dôme, until arriving at the scene of the great battles of the Second World War and the entry of the French armies in Strasbourg, passing through by the discovery of the coal deposit giving birth to the mining basin of Pas-de-Calais, and thanks to the various drawings we can imagine perfectly what happened there.

At the end of the chapters, we discover a mood and / or humor ticket. This is how, for example, we understand that Obelix was never able to be a maker of menhirs, the menhir existing long before the Gauls; or that the first name attributed to 18 kings comes from the Franks: from Clovis to Ludovicus then to Louis.

This book is really very nice, with short, concise and to the point paragraphs, aimed at a wide audience. Allowing you to remember the history of France in a very fun way, don't forget it during your next vacation!

Nicolas Eybalin is Agrégé d'Histoire. After having published several books with Scrinéo, he signed his first book as author with "When places tell the story of France", a great success!

When places tell the story of France, by Nicolas Eybalin. Scrineo Editions, October 2012.

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