Conquering China, investigating a strange superpower

Conquering China, investigating a strange superpower

Should we fear China? After having succeeded in an unprecedented emergence in less than thirty years, this giant of nearly a billion and a half inhabitants already sees itself as a global hyperpower and no longer hesitates to affirm it loud and clear.

By surging its exports everywhere, by siphoning the planet's raw materials, can China influence the course of the world? Will his thunderous military posturing in the China Sea lead to a major international conflict? What is the real nature of this curious regime, both totalitarian and capitalist, where a Communist Party of 88 million members reigns without checks and balances?

Jacques Gravereau deciphers today's China with great finesse and gives us the keys to understand from the inside the ways of thinking of this great culture at odds with Western standards.

Here is an explosive portrait of China, of its impressive rise to power, but also of a major ecological disaster, worrying social fragilities, an increasingly problematic economic headlong rush, a nationalism dangerously fueled by a Party that uses it as a recipe for its sustainability. Alive and inspired, without tongue in cheek, this book is teeming with surprising true stories. It reads like a novel.

Conquering China, by Jacques Gravereau. Editions Eyrolles, January 2017.

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