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Summer selection of comics

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From the ancient Rome of Nero to the wars of religion in France through the First World War, Histoire pour tous offers you a comic selection to discover during the summer.

The two salamanders

The second volume in the “The Eagle and the Salamander” series, this comic strip immerses you in an enthralling thriller set against the backdrop of the Rome of Emperor Nero. In AD 64, Gaius Atius Mus leads the investigation into the terrible fire that ravaged the Eternal City.

This volume plunges us into a Roman capital ravaged by fire and ravaged by internal divisions. The populace, thrown into the street and destitute, demanded justice. Christians have been designated as the scapegoats for the disaster and they are about to be tortured. Roman citizen Gaius Atius Mus is also a victim, he lost his father. But Gaius does not subscribe to the anti-Christian thesis. Then begins a long investigation which will lead Gaius to lift the veil on the fire in Rome but also on the past of his late father and his own identity. Gravitating around Seneca, being supported by a former legionnaire ready for anything and defying the prefect of the praetorium, Gaius invites us to follow him in his investigation in the lowlands of the city of seven hills.

The Eagle and the Salamander T02 - The Two Salamanders by Stéphane Piatzszek (Author), Giuseppe Quattrocchi (Illustrations), Vladimir Mario Davidenko (Illustrations). Editions Soleil, 2017.

The hunt for heretics

Recommended by Historia, this first opus of the series “The Warriors of God”, plunges us into the heart of the religious wars between Catholics and Protestants in France in the second half of the 16th century.

Civil wars are always a hot topic, especially when they intertwine religious beliefs and political reasons. If the subject of the wars of religion in France today seems appeased, it nevertheless remains a subject of sometimes conflicting memories. To cover this theme in a critical and non-Manichean way, the screenwriter Philippe Richelle skillfully made his main character, the knight Arnaud de Boissac, a curious Catholic gentleman, frequenting Protestant circles out of an open mind and trained against his will in a fratricidal conflict. Through the classic story of two friends separated by the civil war, the scenario makes it possible to evoke several key themes: a royal power which must deal concomitantly with internal affairs (war with Spain) and internal disturbances, the close link between religious reform and political questioning of a sacred king, disagreement over indulgences, the clandestine organization of Protestant communities, the role of the printing press in the dissemination of new ideas, the role of crowd movements and local initiatives, the intervention of private interests in the purification ... Thus, against the backdrop of a historical novel rather than a history book, in a convincing and compelling way, the essential elements for understanding the wars of religion begin to be evoked. This is why we think that this comic strip may be of good quality to initiate themselves to the theme of the wars of religion, in particular for the pupils of Second, even of Fifth.

The Warriors of God - Tome 01: 1557, the hunt for heretics, by Philippe Richelle (Author), Pierre Wachs (Illustrations). Glénat, 2017.

The Red Devil (April 1917)

The “14-18” saga continues to evoke the First World War by playing on the mirror effect induced by the centenary. In 2014 we discovered a group of eight young men mobilized in 1914. We are now in 2017 and the small group in 1917, several are already dead or mutilated. 1917: crucial year, year of the Chemin des Dames, year of exhaustion and generalized fed up.

April 1917, the heroes of this saga find themselves alongside the men of the 152nd Infantry Regiment, nicknamed “the red devils” hence the title of this seventh opus. In this first of two volumes devoted to the year 1917, the reader discovers the Chemin des Dames and the terrible failed offensives of General Nivelle. It is also the occasion to evoke the growing fed-up of the troops and the growing influence of anarchist and socialist ideas after the success of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Murderous assaults, incitement to mutiny, war councils and executions, hopes of seeing Pétain replace Nivelle, this volume plunges us into the heart of the terrible year.

14 - 18 Volume 07. Le Diable rouge (April 1917), by Corbeyran (Author), Jérôme Brizard (Author), Étienne Le Roux (Illustrations), Loïc Chevallier (Illustrations). Delcourt, 2017.

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