1789, The Revolution which changed our history (R. THOMAZO)

1789, The Revolution which changed our history (R. THOMAZO)

Renaud Thomazo, a historian who has already edited several works of general history, has released a new book, with the Larousse editions, on the French Revolution.

Various themes covering a wide period

The themes addressed in this new book are diverse and are spread over two double pages with a lot of illustrations (more than 300!) And sometimes facsimiles of documents essential to understand the chain of events . The subjects discussed range from the crisis of the Monarchy to the Directory, including actors of events such as Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, Mirabeau or Olympe de Gouges. The book is organized chronologically and the reader can also discover in more detail certain events of this Revolution such as the Oath of the Jeu de Paume, the night of August 4 or the assault on the Tuileries as well as the secrets of certain documents such as than the Declaration of Human Rights or the Republican Calendar.

Our opinion

Thomazo's book is a very beautiful popular work on the French Revolution with extensive and up-to-date scientific content. The educational interest is also to be noted since the book is enriched with a lexicon of the words of the Revolution, a chronology as well as the transcription of the documents reproduced in facsimile. The “Documents of History” collection from Larousse editions is always enriched with reproduction of historical documents which contributes to the richness of the works, but also plunges the reader into the heart of the event which is being addressed thus leading him to become , the time of a reading, a true historian.

1789, The revolution that changed our history, by Renaud Thomazo. Larousse, October 2015.

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