Marie Antoinette, Secret Diary of a Queen

Marie Antoinette, Secret Diary of a Queen

Benjamin Lacombe illustrator recognized in the world of comics and Cécile Berly historian of the 18th century offers us the “Secret Book of a Queen” in the form of a superb refined album, embellished with magnificent drawings.

The author lets Marie Antoinette write in her secret notebook, in a way her private diary, based on historical facts and documents, accompanied by real letters from and to Empress Marie Thérèse of Austria or fictitious letters from and to Earl of Fersen.

We discover “the queen's childhood” with her arrival in France, her toilet needs, her walks in the gardens; then "the pangs of love" where she awaits a pregnancy that does not come and the first glances of Fersen; and finally the "revolution" and his last letters, his last thoughts for his children, his lost friends ...

With these letters reproduced as they were written and the drawing allowing the imagination and the symbols, we have here a very beautiful illustrated book recommended to lovers of history and beautiful books.

Marie-Antoinette - Secret diary of a queen by Benjamin Lacombe, preface by Cécile Berly. Editions Soleil, December 2014.

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