Napoleon, exile in America (uchronia)

Napoleon, exile in America (uchronia)

In July 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte, who had abdicated for the second time, sought asylum in England. But what if the Fallen Emperor had instead chosen to embark on the New World with Brother Joseph, as he had first envisioned? It is this imaginary existence that the author, Ginette Major, offers us in this uchronia.

After the flight and uprooting described in Volume 1, this second volume evokes the time of stabilization. Surrounded by his circle of faithful and soon joined by some of his relatives, including Marie Walewska, his great Polish sweetheart, Napoleon is spending happy days on the property he had built for himself near Philadelphia. He occupies his days writing his memoirs, reading the news from Europe, but also visiting the vast regions of his new home. Bonaparte aspires to a peaceful family life and to a scienti fi c destiny. But, on his fiftieth birthday, he is the target of an attack.

The result of thirty months of research, in particular on the life of Joseph Bonaparte and his family in the United States, this trilogy features characters who have existed and the scenarios are “historical”. This is a compelling account the author gives us of what might have been Napoleon's years of exile in America.

Napoleon, Exile in America, Volume 2: La Maison Bonaparte, by Ginette Major. VLB editions, January 2012.

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