Journal of the French in the War (1939-1945)

Journal of the French in the War (1939-1945)

Prefaced by Patrice Gélinet, here is a new edition of The history of the French during World War II told from day to day. A fascinating and rigorous chronicle as close as possible to the major events of the war in France and around the world, which also gives full place to the daily experience of the Occupation.

At the time of the commemoration of the darkest period of our recent history, this book tells about France in the Second World War in a new way: 300 key dates explained, commented and illustrated to understand in the light of the facts but also with the heart what those years of trials were.

Day after day, the whole story unfolds and lights up before our eyes through a selection of major events: resistance, collaboration, major battles, shadowy battles, but also political, economic or social news. .

In the form of a richly illustrated newspaper, with its headlines and synthetic articles giving pride of place to international and national news, but also its sections devoted to cultural news or to the “D system”, its photos and its advertisements period,
this documentary book is also the chronicle of a people in its daily struggle in the face of adversity.

This new, enriched edition includes a special dossier - "The War of the Waves" - devoted to the importance of radio during the conflict in France, from propaganda on Radio-Paris through the resistance fighters of the BBC and up to the days. of jubilation for the Liberation.

Journal des français dans la guerre 1939-1945: L'Histoire told from day to day, by Philippe Faverjon. Edtitions Acropole, June 2013.

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