Agora (DVD)

Agora (DVD)

The Agora DVD release, by Alejandro Amenabar, is a good opportunity to discover or re-watch this film released at the beginning of the year. In a genre rather roughed up in recent years by the latest productions from Holywood and uninspired bodybuilders, Agora is a hymn to tolerance and humanism, and the message delivered by its heroine Hypatia resonates in a very contemporary way.

4th century after Jesus Christ. Egypt is under Roman domination. In Alexandria, the revolt of the Christians is brewing. Refuge in the large Library, now threatened by the anger of the insurgents, the brilliant astronomer Hypatia tries to preserve the knowledge accumulated over centuries, with the help of her disciples. Among them, two men dispute the love of Hypatia: Orestes and the young slave Davus, torn between his feelings and the prospect of being freed if he accepts to join the Christians, more and more powerful ...

Agora, by Alejandro Amenabar, Historical Fiction, on DVD at Warner, June 2010.

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