Cinema Release: Centurion (Neil Marshall)

Cinema Release: Centurion (Neil Marshall)

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Centurion, the new film by Neil Marshall, is a dark, bloody and a little heavy peplum set in the year 117 AD, as the Roman Empire stretches from Egypt to Spain and to the Dead Sea in the east. But in the north of England, the Roman army clashes with the barbarian tribe of the Picts. Marcus Dias, the sole survivor of an attack by the Picts, joins the legendary 9th Legion of General Titus Virilus to destroy his former aggressors ...

During an ambush, the General is taken prisoner and Marcus then embarks on a bitter struggle to free Virilus and save his platoon by leading them to the Roman borders ... Alas, the criticisms are hardly encouraging: Centurion advocates a certain humanism that he spends his time visually contradicting by using ultra-graphic gore violence (Premiere), A war film that does not hold water, otherwise it turns into a comic film (Studio).

We will therefore cautiously wait for the release at the end of the year of the eagle of the 9th legion, directed by Kevin Macdonald from the eponymous novel by Rosemary Sutcliff, and which seems more promising.

Centurion, by Neill Marshall, currently in theaters.

The trailer of the film (original version)

Video: Geekscape Interviews Neil Marshall About Centurion


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