An Iron Age: The Thirty Years' War (Arte)

An Iron Age: The Thirty Years' War (Arte)

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The Thirty Years' War devastated Europe in the mid-17th century, a widespread conflict against a backdrop of a war of religions. From October 13, Arte is devoting a mini series of docu-fiction to him:An Iron Age, the Thirty Years' War.

Four centuries ago, the Thirty Years' War began. This documentary-fiction series plunges into three decades of chaos, intrigue and terror, at the end of which will emerge a more just and modern Europe. By means of unpublished testimonies, including the memoirs of Father Joseph, the gray eminence of Richelieu, the correspondence of Elisabeth Stuart, unhappy "queen of a winter" or the secret missives of the painter (and spy) Rubens, she returns on an episode little known to the general public but which was one of the deadliest in the history of Europe.

An Iron Age: The Thirty Years' War, A documentary-fiction series by Philippe Bérenger and Henrike Sandner, on Arte from October 13, 2018.

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