Shadow of a Doubt: Versailles, Theater of History

Shadow of a Doubt: Versailles, Theater of History

Versailles is not only a large palace: it is also the most fascinating theater in the history of France. On his stage, many dramas and many comedies have been played out; behind the scenes have evolved the leading roles in history: Louis XIV, Marie-Antoinette and Napoleon, of course, but also Richelieu, Bismarck, De Gaulle and even Kennedy ...

From the unthinkable Day of the Dupes, in 1630, to the foreseeable Days of October 1789, from the sumptuous festivals of Louis XIV to the sordid attack against Louis XV, from the death of the Great King to the birth of the German Empire, these are the Très Riches Heures de Versailles that the program presented by Franck Ferrand invites you to relive. In passing, we will see the Great Reign change, the Revolution become radicalized, defeated France seek a regime and the Fifth Republic itself change top to bottom!

Versailles may still shine brightly, the shadow of a doubt nonetheless hangs over its marbles, bronzes and crystals.

The Shadow of a Doubt: Versailles, Theater of History. Wednesday March 19 at 8:45 p.m. on France 3.

Video: Monsieur Philippe dOrléans Versailles