June 40: The great chaos (France 3)

June 40: The great chaos (France 3)

France 3 is broadcasting a new documentary this evening: June 40, the great chaos. In a few weeks, the country bends, then collapses before the attack of Nazi Germany. In June 1940, more than ten million French people were on the routes of the exodus, fleeing the advance of German troops, which seemed irresistible. This month of June is one of chaos, violence and “real politics” at the international level.

Extraordinary situations are playing out in France: the June 18, General de Gaulle launches an appeal resistance while the Eve, Marshal Pétain urged the army to stop fighting, in order to consider an armistice. A history course which is sometimes trying but essential and fascinating, interspersed with archival documents and little-known stories from this period, such as the waves of suicides on the roads of the exodus or the perilous mission of a French crew who dropped these bombs in the middle of the night on Berlin.

June 40: le grand chaos, by Christophe Weber, this evening at 8:35 pm on France 3. Replay on June 16 at 01:05 and June 20 at 03:45.

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