TV night: The call of June 18, 1940 (France 2)

TV night: The call of June 18, 1940 (France 2)

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of theJune 18 call, France 2 is dedicating its antenna this evening to France, which chose to resist in 1940. First of all with the broadcast of an unpublished historical TV movie from the excellent collection "Ce jour-là tout a changer" (The Escape of Louis XVI, The Assassination of Henri IV) entitled "The call of June 18", which recounts in detail the chronicle of the days which preceded the famous appeal of General de Gaulle. This TV movie will be followed by the broadcast of the unpublished documentary "Libres Français de Londres".

The appeal of June 18. In the spring of 1940, when the French armies were in the midst of a collapse, Charles de Gaulle, just
promoted general and under-secretary of state for war, went to London with the mission of asking Churchill to increase his military aid. When he learns that Pétain is considering asking for an armistice, he decides to launch a call for resistance. De Gaulle then negotiated with the British leaders its broadcast on the BBC ... A precise and effective historical account.

Free French of London. Military or civilians, thousands of young people refused defeat and joined General de Gaulle in London between 1940 and 1943. Seven of them testify to their lives as exiles and resistance fighters in a moving documentary.

One regret, that France 2 has not scheduled this evening on June 18 (probably to escape the competition of the football world cup).

That day everything changed: the appeal of June 18. Unpublished historical telefilm, Tuesday June 8 at 8:35 pm on France 2.

Free French of London. Unpublished documentary, Tuesday June 8 at 10:05 pm on France 2.

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Video: De Gaulle in London: 18 June 1940 Appeal for Action