Jesus and Islam, documentary series, soon on Arte

Jesus and Islam, documentary series, soon on Arte

Jesus, founding figure of Christianity, is also an exceptional character in the Koran. Why ? How? 'Or' What ? The authors of " Corpus Christi » Jérôme Prieur and Gérard Mordillat survey twenty-six of the world's leading specialists and explore the emergence of Islam in the time of Muhammad, in a series of documentaries broadcast in December on Arte.

This series has an exceptional character. Large-scale on the television level, it brings together, for the first time, the elite of international specialists, in particular several researchers from the Muslim tradition. With them we explore in seven episodes the preaching of Muhammad by relying mainly on the Koran and on the literature of the Muslim tradition. Few people know, including few Muslims and even fewer Christians, in the Quran Jesus and Mary occupy a prominent place. How the Jew of Galilee, after being transformed into Christ founder of Christianity, became at the beginning of the 7th century of our era, in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, "the messiah Jesus, son of Mary", the Muslim Jesus of Koran, the last prophet before the prophet Muhammad?

From the careful analysis of all the terms of two verses of sura IV of the Koran, evoking in their own way the crucifixion of Jesus "in appearance", the series gradually raises all the questions posed by the text, both in its theological, literary and historical dimensions. It is at the crossroads of the three forms of monotheism, in the continuity of the Judaism of Moses and of the Judeo-Christianity of Jesus, that this investigation leads us which seeks to reconstitute the emergence of Islam in a pagan region, very marked however. by biblical influences and the proximity of Syriac churches. As we did in our previous series, we want to stick to the only reliable witnesses to this story, the texts. This work of textual and historical criticism supposes a daring. A daring assumed in particular by researchers of the Muslim tradition who venture to think aloud, to distinguish between what is faith and what is history. For them, as for Western researchers, it is about putting history in perspective.

The first thing to accept is to free oneself from dogmatics such as false evidence because in this area, as for biblical criticism, there is no definitive answer but questions that help us to think. Certain hypotheses allow
to reach a consensus, others are debating, even controversial, as the gap is immense between the commonplaces that circulate on Islam and what research knows and says.

Jesus and islam. Documentary series in 7 episodes by Gérard Mordillat and Jérôme Prieur. Tuesday December 8, 2015 at 8.55 p.m. and December 9 and 10 at 10.25 p.m. on Arte.

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