Vauban, a docu-fiction not to be missed (Arte)

Vauban, a docu-fiction not to be missed (Arte)

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Marshal of France under the reign of Louis XIV, Vauban distinguished himself as a specialist in siege and fortification techniques, leaving an almost indelible mark on the European urban landscape. During his career Vauban ruled over fifty sieges, consolidated some two hundred and seventy fortresses, and designed more than thirty. Arte This evening devotes a quality docu-fiction strewn with original reconstructions.

For nearly 50 years, Vauban was the great architect of the modernization of France. A modernization desired by Louis XIV, monarch whose sovereignty Marshal Vauban established. In total, the engineer of the Sun King left his mark on more than a hundred fortresses and citadels.

This strategist, whose life merges with the reign of Louis XIV, was also an expert in siege warfare and a great traveler. Born in 1633 and died in 1707, he also helped to increase the prestige of the kingdom of France throughout Europe. Far from the pomp of the court, he also wondered about absolutism, as well as the economic misery of the kingdom. It was when he became aware of the social unrest caused by the revocation of the Edict of Nantes and of the growing misery that he openly opposed the policies of Louis XIV, which led to his disgrace.

Vauban, by Pascal Cuissot. Saturday March 10 at 8:45 pm on Arte. Replay on March 11 at 13:55 and on 13 am at 10:35.

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