Roots and wings: Louvre, from the palace to the museum

Roots and wings: Louvre, from the palace to the museum

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The Louvre Museum and its famous glass pyramid are the focus of this issue of the magazine Roots and wings broadcast this Wednesday evening on France3. Originally, the fortified castle built by Philippe Auguste (1202) became a pleasure residence on the initiative of Charles V (1358) ...

François I settled there in 1546, had the keep razed and commissioned Pierre Lescot to build a Renaissance palace there. Henri IV took over the project. Until Napoleon III, the sovereigns did not stop modifying the structures and adding new constructions, including Louis XIV who abandoned the Louvre to the academies to settle in Versailles. Renovated and enlarged from 1981 to 1993 under the direction of Pei leoh Ming, the museum has seven departments, and three are devoted to antiques. Its collections place it at the forefront in the world.

Contents of the program: The fabulous history of the Louvre. A visit to the Louvre, the most visited museum in the world, offers a journey through eras and styles. - Once upon a time in the Tuileries. Back to the history of the Tuileries castle. - A showcase for the arts of Islam. - From the Louvre to the Forbidden City.

Roots and wings: The Louvre, From the Palace of the Kings to the largest museum in the world. Wednesday April 27 at 8:35 pm on France 3. Replay on April 29 at 0:30.

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