Napoleon poisoned? (France 5)

Napoleon poisoned? (France 5)

The program "The detectives of history", hosted by Laurent Joffrin, returns this evening on the mysteries surrounding the death of Napoleon Bonaparte. Since the 1960s, the hypothesis of arsenic poisoning has been firmly defended, refuting the official version of his death, the consequence of stomach cancer ...

The toxicologist Pascal Kintz explains that different analyzes of authentic locks of Napoleon's hair have revealed the abnormally high presence of arsenic in his body. In addition, there is no shortage of suspects, from Sir Hudson Lowe to General de Montholon. But Jean Tulard, specialist of the First Empire, defends the official thesis, recalling that Napoleon's father also died of stomach cancer.

The detectives of history, poisoned Napoleon? Monday August 16 at 9:25 pm on France 5.

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