Secrets of History: Princess Palatine (France 2)

Secrets of History: Princess Palatine (France 2)

The third part of the show History secrets broadcast this evening on France 2 is devoted to Charlotte-Élisabeth de Bavière, better known under the title of "Princess Palatine". Endowed with a formidable outspokenness and a flowery and well-hung tongue, the Princess Palatine bequeathed us sixty thousand letters which uncompromisingly depict the quirks and the daily life of the royal family, which earned her the nickname of "gossip of the great century".

Daughter of Charles-Louis, Elector Palatine of the Rhine, she came to France in 1672 to marry Monsieur, Philippe d'Orléans, brother of Louis XIV, after the death of Henriette of England. Afflicted with a physique rendered ungrateful by the consequences of a poorly treated smallpox, very attached to her German origins, she was not loved at the French court because of her biting spirit. The voluminous correspondence that the Princess Palatine left, imprinted with a deep sincerity, constitutes a precious testimony to her time. His son, Philippe d'Orléans, was regent on the death of Louis XIV, during the minority of Louis XV.

Secrets d'Histoire: The palatine, a gossip at the court of Louis XIV, Wednesday August 18 at 8:35 pm on France 2. Replay August 23 at 0:45.

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