The Patriot (NRJ 12)

The Patriot (NRJ 12)

The NRJ 12 channel broadcasts tonight, Sunday May 2, the film The Patriot from director Roland Emmerich. Released in 2002, starring the charismatic (and controversial) Mel Gibson, The Patriot tells us the bloody fate of a South Carolina planter in the midst of the American Revolutionary War. Benjamin Martin, a widower and veteran of the French-Indian War (the American part of the Seven Years' War), leads a simple life among his seven children. When the American Revolution broke out, he distanced himself from the insurgents, even trying to dissuade, without success, his eldest son (played by the late Heath Ledger) from joining their side ...

When the latter returns wounded by the English, fate hits Benjamin Martin heavily. A colonel of the English Dragons: Tavington, in charge of maintaining order in the region, takes over Martin's plantation, executes insurgents
wounded who had taken refuge there before setting the property on fire. Martin, who tried to avoid the conflict, going so far as to bring aid to wounded English soldiers, finally fell into revolt when one of his sons was killed while trying to free his older brother from Tavington.

The peaceful planter will then become one of the figures of the anti-British guerrillas, putting into practice the lessons learned during the Seven Years' War. It is the start of a bloody and ruthless epic.

If the film does not shine by its historicity, nor by a dispassionate vision of the conflict, it must be recognized indisputable visual qualities and a certain breath. Mel Gibson plays a type of character that is close to his heart, the peace-loving man who swings into the most radical violence to protect and avenge his loved ones ... the William Wallace of Braveheart is there all the way through.

In the end, if Patriot is certainly not a rigorous historical document, it will give you a good time, filled with fury and bravery, a story of old-fashioned revenge ...

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