Museum of the Châtillonnais region - Trésor de Vix

Museum of the Châtillonnais region - Trésor de Vix

The Châtillonnais country museum (Gold Coast) is home to the famous "Vix's Treasure", a princely burial of the end of the First Iron Age (-450 aec) discovered in the 50s, and which yielded the greatest number of Mediterranean imports (Greek and Etruscan). The museum offers in April and May two entertainment, including one for 7-12 year olds.

On Saturday May 16, 2015, the eleventh edition of the European Night of Museums will take place on the theme "The class, the work" in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and National Education within the framework of the CLEA (Local Contract of Artistic education). On this occasion, an exhibition of plastic art works produced by pupils from schools in Châtillonnais will take place in connection with the exhibition Léopold Argenton, a sculptor from Châtillonnais during the 1914 war.

As a preview, visitors will be able to discover the new Châtillonnais room and its “Open-air cabinet of curiosities” exhibition. It is about the history of Châtillonnais through the permanent exhibition of the collection of naturalized birds of Fernand Daguin.

For children aged 7 to 12, the Musée du pays Châtillonnais - Trésor de Vix offers a mosaic workshop in April, May and during the summer holidays. Children will be able to work with stone, marble and glass tesserae, will discover the technique of mosaic on glass and make an element that they can take home.

Musée du pays Châtillonnais - Trésor de Vix: The Night of Museums (May 2015, Mosaic Workshops (April-summer 2015).

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