De Gaulle and La Boisserie (Canal Académie)

De Gaulle and La Boisserie (Canal Académie)

Canal académie, the first French-speaking radio station on the Internet, is currently broadcasting a 50-minute audio report on the Boisserie this famous residence of Colombey-les-deux-eglises (Haute-Marne), property of De Gaulle. Here is a good way to (re) discover this Mecca of Gaullism, refuge of the illustrious general ...

It was in June 1934 that Charles and Yvonne De Gaulle took possession of La Boisserie. Located in a relatively isolated location, benefiting from a 2 hectare park, it was supposed to be a haven of peace for the youngest of the couple: Anne born disabled. Originally provided with very basic comfort (no running water, no electricity, no even telephone), it was completely redesigned on several occasions. The Second World War and the occupier left it in a sad state.

It is in this house that the General de Gaulle lived most of the years that saw him removed from power between 1946 and 1958. His study was the place where most of his memoirs were written. The general drew his inspiration from a particularly extensive library. Returning to the head of France in 1958, De Gaulle continued to regard La Boisserie as his true home, remaining at the Elysee Palace only when compelled to do so.

Faced with the tumult of history and the turmoil of political affairs, the general never ceased to proclaim his love for this peaceful Champagne property. "This is my home… she is my friend. What else to settle for when you've encountered history? Moreover, this part of Champagne is all imbued with calm ... quiet and less fortunate villages, of which nothing, for millennia, has changed its soul and its place. At La Boisserie, De Gaulle communicated with Eternal France, of which he never ceased to dream. It was among his relatives that he died there on November 9, 1970 ...

Since La Boisserie, owned by the general's son: Admiral Philippe de Gaulle, has become a museum open to the public. You can also book a visit, via the Colombey-les-deux-eglises website.

La Boisserie: quiet home of General de Gaulle's family, on the Académie channel.

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