Christmas in the land of castles

Christmas in the land of castles

From December 3 to January 6, five great châteaux in Touraine, Chenonceau, Azay-le-Rideau, the Royal Fortress of Chinon, Langeais and Amboise celebrate the spirit of the end of the year holidays through the event " Christmas in the land of castles » !

Amboise castle

The exhibition "Christmas through the centuries" invites visitors to the royal castle of Amboise to discover the evolution of the Nativity feasts over the centuries: songs, nativity scenes, logs, fir trees, balls, gifts ... so many. traditions with sometimes little-known origins. The crackling of a chimney fire and the smells of fir wreaths revive all the magic of this period and we marvel at the variegated colors of the monumental Neapolitan nativity scenes, the glass balls and the fabric knots of the nineteenth century fir trees. ... This year the castle presents the Odyssey of the Three Kings, and also offers children several magical events: shows, special guided tours for families and tales.

Château de Chenonceau: Christmas in Chenonceau

Already mobilized throughout the year to decorate the rooms of the castle, the entire team of the floral workshop of the Château de Chenonceau goes out of their way to reinterpret, with a great deal of exceptional plant compositions and richly decorated XXL trees, all the magic of Christmas time. From the large gallery to Louise de Lorraine's darkroom, including the kitchens, all of the rooms open to visitors are thus invested in the Christmas spirit, through the grace of original creations, redesigned with each edition.

Château de Azay le Rideau: chocolates and sweet treats take over the Château d'Azay-le-Rideau!

Throughout the rooms -Large room, kitchen, dining room ...- the “Sweet and Chocolate” exhibition, tastefully arranged, plunges us into a delicious festive atmosphere in this little Renaissance gem that is Azay- the curtain. A program of gourmet activities (and in particular chocolate tasting sessions) will also punctuate the meeting.

Royal Fortress of Chinon

Winter trees, Various trees! Obviously green, classic and without surprises, the Christmas tree ? Not at the royal fortress of Chinon in any case! The monument is adorned, in fact, with dozens of Christmas trees, available in various forms, up to the most original and contemporary (developed in particular by a renowned visual artist and by students from the School of Fine Arts in Tours ).
The result: a surprising, fun and enchanting journey through this high place of medieval French history!

Langeais castle: Christmas of a thousand lights

Spotlight! Langeais castle sparkles throughout the month of December. From the courtyard to the interiors, a multitude of lights punctuate the visit and highlight the plant structures that magnify the rooms of the home and the large reception rooms. Unmissable, the large Christmas tree decorated with apples sits in the banquet hall, where the stately table shines with a thousand lights. This setting becomes the magical setting of activities dedicated to families
during Christmas holidays.

Christmas in the land of castles, from December 3, 2016 to January 8, 2017.

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