Medieval Bayeux: on the roads of history ...

Medieval Bayeux: on the roads of history ...

For over thirty years, Medieval of Bayeux are organized every first weekend of July in the medieval Norman city. In 2018, commerce in the Middle Ages is the theme of the 32nd edition of the event: the development of trade routes and maritime routes will be illustrated in particular by the installation of a boat in the city, and by the medieval market, still very lively around the cathedral.

The Médiévales begin on Thursday, July 5 with the opening show “Originally was the beginning… After it started to rain”, a fantastic epic with sword fighting and magic, offered in the courtyard of the Hotel du Doyen. The medieval market will come alive on Friday evening, prefiguring the weekend during which minstrels and troubadours stroll, in numbers, in the streets of Bayeux.

Trade and currency, the development of trade

This year, the Bayeux Medieval Festival highlights trade in the Middle Ages and all the possibilities that were offered by the opening of new trade routes such as the famous Silk Road, linking Asia to Europe, and the development of sea lanes. A boat will also take place in the city ... And because trade is above all money, a batter will beat the coin among the many craftsmen who still liven up the medieval market around the cathedral.

In 2018, the medieval book fair celebrates its 20th edition! Thirteen authors will be present in the tent of the show to discuss with their readers.

The medieval of Bayeux : on all of history ... From July 5, 2018, Bayeux, Normandy.

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