The fabulous destiny of Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun

The fabulous destiny of Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun

Born during the reign of Louis XIV and from the petty bourgeoisie, Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun left some 650 paintings and 150 drawings, including the most famous portraits of Marie-Antoinette. While the Grand-Palais is dedicating a first retrospective in France to him in the fall, Arte will broadcast on October 3 a docu-fiction retracing the adventure novel of his nearly ninety years of life.

The freedom of Louise Elisabeth, yet a woman of the 18th century, largely echoes that of contemporary women. Fleeing the revolution, she left in October 1789, for a 13-year exile, crossing Italy, Russia, Austria, England, Switzerland. Celebrated in the greatest courts of Europe, it won posterity and the highest cachets of its time.

In order to highlight the most representative events of its long existence, this documentary calls on 18th century painting specialists. Fictional scenes alternate with archives and evocations of the places where she lived. The use of special effects on the paintings highlights the modernity of the artist's gaze.

The fabulous destiny of Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun, Saturday October 3, 2015 on Arte.

Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun exhibition, September 23, 2015 - January 11, 2016, Grand Palais, National Galleries, Paris.

Video: BAC Lecture: The Works of Elizabeth Vigee-LeBrun April 27, 2016