Family prehistory in Périgord

Family prehistory in Périgord

Périgord, a famous land of history, invites young and old alike to explore the illustrious witnesses to the beginnings of human life. Prehistory is to Périgord what the truffle is to its gastronomy: a must. It is through three remarkable sites that the public, of all ages, is invited to come and admire the astonishing traces that our oldest ancestors left behind.

On July 18, 1983, Lascaux II opened its doors to the public. An unprecedented technological feat then gave a second life to messages 17,000 years old. 30 years later, this unmissable site has attracted more than 8 million visitors. Nightly guided tours are offered every Friday in summer in small groups of 30 people. The opportunity to experience the epic of Lascaux in a new light.

To visit in addition to or in preparation for the discovery of Lascaux II, the Thoth is the undisputed favorite of families. Everyone will marvel at the "descendants" of wild animals living in the Paleolithic and represented in the caves. This thematic park celebrates this year the creation of an observatory to better understand these animals. Workshops allow budding Cro-Magnon men to practice cave art, archaeological excavation or even propellant shooting.

The Shelters of Laugerie Basse make up an incredible site where extraordinary works of art have been discovered. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site,
site suggests the daily life of the first men, an ideal place to participate in events retracing the activities of Cro-Magnon. Thus, throughout the summer, visitors will be able to
try out prehistoric hunting, propellant shooting, and the construction of undercover protection with the “Cro-Magnon architect” workshop.

The major sites of Périgord: Lascaux II, Thot and the shelters of Laugerie Basse, to rediscover prehistory with the family. Night visits and entertainment all summer.

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