La Rochelle: the first historic web series

La Rochelle: the first historic web series

A new wind is blowing on the landscape of web series French. After the success of the shows which give pride of place to fantasy-geek culture, here is La Rochelle, a historic webseries of cape and swords. Fencing fights, verbal jousting, frenzied stunts, intrigue and romance, all against a backdrop of religious conflict: welcome to the port of La Rochelle from the 17th century, at the time of the Three Musketeers, Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu.

The plot centers around Aymeric, a young Catholic destined for orders who arrives in La Rochelle, a predominantly Protestant city, to complete his education. He will befriend a group of Huguenots without knowing their involvement in the rebellion against his own camp ... Each episode will allow the public to discover the history of the Siege of La Rochelle. In each episode, the viewer will have the opportunity to obtain historical details via an explanatory video commented by the main characters. "That's the whole idea of ​​the series," says Sarah Memarian, 23, creator and director of the project. "Our ambition is to bring the genre of swashbuckling up to date, in the tradition of Nicolas Le Floch, and to introduce our Historical Heritage to as many people as possible through a work for the general public."

At the origin of this project? A team of young cinema and audiovisual artists and technicians, grouped together in association, whose average age does not exceed 24 years. "The Webseries is a short format popular in particular by the younger generations. It is accessible on any digital medium, at any time of the day and allows young independent artists to make themselves known to the general public".

10 15-minute episodes, which will begin airing at the end of the year; the La Rochelle team is aiming for a million views. "This will be the first historical webseries on the French web. And the kind of cape and sword is still fascinating." Thanks to the expected success, Sarah Memarian and her team hope to interest national television channels. The broadcasting rights will be used to finance two additional seasons.

The team has opened an account on the crowdfunding site Ulule and hopes to raise 5,000 euros before June 21. "Every euro counts. It is by mobilizing that we will succeed in financing this series." The shooting is scheduled for 2013. To support and follow the adventures of La Rochelle, and while waiting for the website, find them on:


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