Historical reconstruction of the Battle of the Moskva River

Historical reconstruction of the Battle of the Moskva River

For this bicentenary of the battle of the Moskva (Borodino for the Russians), will take place a set of ceremonies and reenactments to commemorate this clash of the titans. More than 3,000 enthusiasts will make their way to Moscow, coming mostly from Russia, France and Italy. They will pay homage to the two imperial armies under the gaze of more than 300,000 spectators expected for the occasion.

1812, Russian campaign, the Russian army continually retreats east. Arrived in the holy city, Moscow, the Russian army cannot allow the city to be taken without a fight. On the Moskva River, near the village of Borodino, the Russian army is preparing a solid defensive line supported by a system of redoubts covered with guns and particularly well defended in a very limited space. Forced to fight in a fortified and cramped position, Napoleon, ill on the day of the battle, sends his men into a hell of fire and steel.

103,000 to 135,000 French and allies, with 587 guns, faced 103,800 men, 7,000 Cossacks and a multitude of militiamen (10,000 to 33,000) supported by 640 guns. On the evening of September 7, 1812, the French left 6,547 killed on the ground and deplored 21,453 wounded. The Russians for their part would have lost around 45,000 killed and wounded, 1,000 prisoners and 20 guns. The Russians withdrew, allowing the Imperial Army to enter Moscow. The same evening the French celebrate the bloody victory of the Moskva while the Russians try to make believe in their victory of Borodino ...

August 27 to 31, arrival of participants and preparation

September 1st, repetition

September 2

10:30 am: Ceremony at Napoleon's command post (Shevardino redoubt)

12 p.m .: Ceremony at Raevsky Redoubt

3 p.m .: Reconstruction of the Battle of Borodino


Mozhaisk District

Moscow region 143 240


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