Mastering: Luc Chatel's excess of power?

Mastering: Luc Chatel's excess of power?

The rue89 website tells us about the decision of the Council of State, on November 28, to cancel part of the text on teacher training, in this case mastering, which we mentioned here for the CAPES in history. geography. Indeed, on May 12, 2010, in haste, the Minister of National Education abrogated "The specifications for teacher training"...

So, "Trainee teachers have gone from half-time at school to full-time, with homeopathic pedagogical training", according to rue89 always. It is this decision that the Council of State would have annulled, which could call into question the mastering itself, decided above all, as we know, to save money at the expense of trainee teachers and teachers in general.

Luc Chatel would have even had a "excess of power" by not respecting the procedures. This gives reason to the unions, which had seized the Council. Still according to rue89, "This decision should logically bring beginning teachers back to one-third of practice and two-thirds of training (the previous provisions provided for in the decree of December 19, 2006)" ! Suffice to say a new mess, all while the ministry is currently entangled in its once more calamitous management of the justification of CLES2 to be a trainee civil servant (new provisions have appeared here).

The minister, whose incompetence and contempt are confirmed, however has the right to a "Stay". We therefore do not know what the consequences of this decision of the Council of State will be, but it is possible that for candidates for the teaching competitions the nightmare continues ...

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