Homage to Yves Modéran (1955-2010)

Homage to Yves Modéran (1955-2010)

We learned of the sudden death of ’Yves Modéran Thursday 1er July 2010, in Paris. Specialist in Roman Africa, but also in the history of Christianity and relations between Rome and the Barbarians (he participated in the essential catalog-sum of the exhibition at Palazzo Grassi in 2008), he completed a synthesis on the Vandals as well as an atlas of ancient Africa.

Much appreciated by his colleagues and students, he will leave a great void, and it is not only Roman history that loses one of its great researchers.

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Yves Modéran also participated in the famous documentary series "The Apocalypse", by J. Prieur and G. Mordillat, on Arte, in December 2009.

Video: Yves Klein Anthropometries. TateShots