It was forty years ago: the Beatles split

It was forty years ago: the Beatles split

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April 2, 1970: the world was amazed to learn of the separation of the most famous musical groups : the Beatles. These two self-taught musicians began their careers by taking up American rock and blues standards and ended their apprenticeship in the red light districts of Hamburg. It was not until the fall of 1962 that they could finally experience success with their two accomplices George Harrison and Ringo Starr ...

Their debut album Please Please Me will spark a worldwide phenomenon known as "Beatlemania". Along with commercial success commensurate with a booming music industry, there is a wave of enthusiasm bordering on hysteria among the youth. The Beatles embody (sometimes despite themselves) the aspirations of the emerging generation in conflict with the bourgeois and parental order.

Throughout the 60s the Beatles will experience unmitigated success, refining their style and constantly innovating. From pop bluettes like Love Me Do to Hard Rock by Helter Skelter, through unforgettable ballads like Yesterday, the Fab Four will mark their time musically like no one before them. It was at the height of their creativity that the band, worn down by pressure from fans, the profession and personal differences, finally decided to go their separate ways. Nevertheless, he continues to sell hundreds of thousands of records each year, a clear sign of the extraordinary impact of the music of The Four Boys in the Wind. ".

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