The Conciergerie as we have never seen it before!

The Conciergerie as we have never seen it before!

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Thanks to the complete overhaul of its revolutionary course, the reopening of the royal kitchens after restoration and the installation of a HistoPad, the National Monuments Center invites you to (re) discover the Concierge from December 14.

After the restoration and the opening of its kitchens last June, the National Monuments Center (CMN) continues to highlight the Conciergerie in order to offer an enhanced and enriched visit of this major monument located in the heart of the Island. from the city. From December 14, the Conciergerie will present a new revolutionary route, combining information on the Revolution, multimedia devices and a collection site. Simultaneously, the CMN will offer visitors the opportunity to discover the medieval and revolutionary rooms of the Conciergerie as well as spaces that no longer exist with the HistoPad, a digital mediation tool allowing to go back in time thanks to augmented reality, 3D reconstructions. and interactive features.

The Center des monuments nationaux will now offer a real dive into History: the systems put in place will invite you to discover or rediscover this sometimes little-known place, its history, the links it maintains with its architectural environment but also the great characters associated with it.

The Conciergerie as we have never seen it before! National Monuments Center, from December 14, 2016.

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