Coils and Parchments Festival (5th edition)

Coils and Parchments Festival (5th edition)

After a 4th edition devoted to laughter in the Middle Ages, the Bobines & Parchemins team resumes its “middle ages”, sorry, medieval adventures, by attacking one of the most famous myths of this period (until our days): King Arthur! The perfect moment, when the new film by Guy Ritchie (the director of "Sherlock Holmes"), dedicated to Uther's son, is released in theaters, and especially after the publication of the new reference book on the subject, written by the one of the festival's organizers, William Blanc (King Arthur, a contemporary myth, Libertalia, 2016).

Screenings and debates

Roi Arthur "width =" 212 "height =" 300 "/> As usual, the festival offers films followed by debates with specialists.

On May 19 and 20, the very different, but classic, "Perceval le Gallois" (Eric Rohmer, 1978), with an astonishing Fabrice Luchini, and "Excalibur" (John Boorman, 1980), Helen Mirren en Morgane, are screened. sparkling armor and rides punctuated by "O fortuna" by Carl Orff. The first film is followed by a debate with historians Antoine de Baecque and Yohann Chanoir; the second with Justine Breton and Alban Gautier.

The following day, in the spirit of previous editions, the organizers offer a film apparently totally offbeat, but in fact very well connected to the Arthurian myth (as William Blanc explains in his book), the unknown "Knightriders" (1981 ), by George Romero, the famous director of zombie films! It is Blanc himself, and the film critic Julien Sévéon who ensure the discussion, surely lively, which will follow the film.

Medieval legends in Paris

Before Romero's classic bis cinema, the team will take the curious to the streets of Paris, in search of medieval legends of the capital: Arthur, but also the dragon of Saint Marcel, or the Four Sons Aymon.

Coils & Parchments Festival : "King Arthur at the cinema", from May 19 to 21, in Paris.

All references and the program on the festival website. .

William Blanc's book at Libertalia.

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