France 1940: commemorations of Operation Dynamo

France 1940: commemorations of Operation Dynamo

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May 10, 1940. After the first months of waiting for "the funny war", it is the Battle of France that begins ... Its epilogue goes through Dunkirk and its coast: it is theDYNAMO operation, from May 24 to June 4, 1940, which will save 350,000 men (240,000 British and 110,000 French…). Each of us has a parent or grandparent who participated in this tragic time. But do we know the price of blood that France paid: 124,000 killed and more than 200,000 wounded ... a ordeal and hemorrhage comparable to the hardest moments of the Great War, in 44 days of fierce fighting.

The mission of the "Collectif France 40" is to remind the French of the worth and the suffering of the soldier of 1939-1940, and to give him the honors he deserves. Also, on May 29 and 30, 2010, the “COLLECTIF FRANCE 40”, in close liaison with the towns of Leffrinckoucke and Bray-Dunes, the associations “Les Amis du Fort des Dunes” and “Le Chardon”, of British units d active and re-enactment, organizes various commemoration ceremonies that will take place simultaneously in Lille, Bray-Dunes and Leffrinckoucke (59).

Program and information on the Collectif France 40 website.

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