Conference-debates: France 40, the tragic spring

Conference-debates: France 40, the tragic spring

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Saturday April 10 will be held at the military school in Paris a conference-debates which promises to be fascinating. Co-organized by the Ministry of Defense, the image agency ECPAD and the magazine L'Histoire, whose theme will be "France 1940: the tragic spring". Two debates will be organized there, one entitled" Was defeat inevitable? ", The second" Did the policies fail? ", With the participation of Claude Quétel, honorary research director at the CNRS, among others. author of The unforgivable defeat, Michel Winock, professor emeritus at Sciences Po Paris and Robert O. Paxton, professor at Columbia University (New York), author of Vichy France...

Conference and debates: France 40, the tragic spring. Saturday April 10 from 2:00 p.m., Military school, 1 place Joffre, Paris 7th. Free entry for the public. Contact and information on 01 44 10 54 57.

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