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Movies - Series

Our reviews of the main films and series dedicated to History.

In 2005, the HBO channel broadcast a television series which did not go unnoticed: Rome. With a pharaonic budget of 100 million dollars, this Anglo-Italian co-production aimed to retrace a glorious page in the history of Rome, from Julius Caesar to Augustus. The intention is clearly displayed, it is a question of making the play to the cinematographic production of the genre, with the same means, the duration in addition. Served by an excellent cast and sumptuous sets, this series happily immerses us in the ruthless world of ancient Rome.

Rome, an epic and grandiose series (HBO)

Released in 2000, Gladiator walks in the footsteps of an illustrious predecessor who has since fallen into oblivion:The fall of the Roman Empire, a film nevertheless served by an impressive cast and a very successful realization, reminding us of the good memories of a somewhat forgotten genre, when we think of its past glory. The peplum, which is almost as old as that of the cinema itself, has endured a long journey through the desert since the 1970s, when Ben hur (1959) was the film of all superlatives.

The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964 film)

Between cinema and history, the movie 300 has found its fans but also its detractors. In this Hollywood blockbuster, Leonidas and his 300 spartans bodybuilders face in the famous battle of Thermopylae in Xerxes and Persians straight out of hell. The film takes many liberties with the story, which is not surprising for a fiction. More disturbing are the scriptwriting choices of director Zack Snyder in favor of not very subtle ideological propaganda. Small decryption.

300, when cinema remakes history

Monument of French cinema, Children of paradise by Marcel Carné was shot in full German occupation from 1943 to 1944. Despite incredible filming conditions, the film was released in March 1945, and in the euphoria of liberation, was a huge success. Arletty, the film's first female role, suspected of collaboration, is detained in prison the evening of the premiere ...

Children of Paradise (1945) - Movie

Simon Bolivar is a major figure in South American history. With the rise of South American cinema and the spotlight thanks to the movement and politics of Hugo Chavez, it was foreseeable that a new biopic would focus on this memorial monument. Libertador by Alberto Arvelo with Édgar Ramírez in the main role as well as Erich Wildpret, María Valverde, Iwan Rheon or Danny Huston offers to discover or rediscover the difficult fight of the liberator of Spanish South America.

Libertador - Film (2013)

"Live the greatest disaster in history" informs us the poster of the Pompeii movie ! And it is not wrong, unfortunately not necessarily in the way we would have liked to hear it. Because Paul W.S. Anderson, director of genius in the massacre of adaptations, once again demonstrates his undeniable talent by signing a film of rare and appalling mediocrity where everything rings horribly wrong. The disaster is right in front of our eyes.

Pompeii - movie (2014)

For his fifth film, George Clooney tackled a truly fascinating subject, inspired by a true story, that of the Monuments Men, these men from the crafts and knowing nothing about war, who grouped together in commandos during World War II tracked down and recovered works of art stolen and looted by the Nazi regime. An excellent idea at first glance spoiled by poor production and insipid speech.

Monuments Men - film (2014)

In 2005, the HBO channel broadcast a television series which did not go unnoticed: Rome. Served by an excellent cast and sumptuous sets, this series happily immerses us in the ruthless world of ancient Rome.

Rome, an epic and grandiose series (HBO)

The famous book by Ken Follett, The Pillars of the Earth, has been adapted into a television mini-series, the only format that can do a little justice to the breadth of this historic novel. This is not about comparing the book and the series, but only giving our opinion on the latter. Is the time well captured from a historical point of view? Are the story and the characters exciting? Is it just a good historical fiction series?

The Pillars of the Earth (TV Series, 2010)

Fashion has been for some time in "historical" series such as You sleep where the Borgia, we suspected that the legends would soon inspire the writers. And what better than the Arthurian cycle, with its knights, its battles, its betrayals and its dramas? And a little more magic… With Camelot, we are however very far from the series for teens Merlin, and we get closer to one Spartacus. For the best or for the worst ?

Camelot (TV series)

Fall 2011 surprise success on Canal Plus, the series Borgia, co-produced by the French channel and created by Tom Fontana, faces competition fromThe Borgias by Neil Jordan and produced by the American Showtime. Let's compare the two series, their way of telling this fascinating period at the crossroads between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and above all their way of approaching this so mythical family that the Borgias have become. Intrigue, respect for the great History, differences between the characters,… Verdict?

Borgia and The Borgias: which TV series to choose?

Already authors of noted documentaries on Christianity (notably Corpus Christi), Gérard Mordillat and Jérôme Prieur this time tackle a transversal but fascinating theme: the place of Jesus, central figure of Christianity, in Islam, and more specifically the Koranic text. If their previous documentaries had already been debated, we can be sure that this series on Jesus and islam will probably be controversial.

Jesus and Islam (documentary series)

Generation War (original title Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter for Our mothers, our fathers) is a new TV movie dedicated to Second World War, its particularity being to approach the period on the German side through a group of five young friends who were 20 years old in 1941. An original and puzzling prism, which does not leave you indifferent.

Generation War (TV series)

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