The college diploma history test

The college diploma history test

The college certificate is a national diploma which is used to assess, at the end of the third year, the knowledge and skills acquired by the pupils at the end of the middle School. If it is not compulsory to obtain it in order to pass in second, it nevertheless allows the pupil to first confront the notion examination. It consists partly of continuous assessment, assessment of work over the year, and three written tests at the end of the third, including one consisting largely of the validation of prior learning. History, under the name "history-geography-civic education".

The Patent History Exam

The marks obtained in continuous assessment throughout the year in the third class are taken into account for obtaining the patent, with the exception of thehistory-geography-civic education, which is assessed directly during the written exam at the end of the year.

The exam lasts 2 hours and bears a coefficient 2. The subjects are the same for all academies.

The White Patent

Organized a few weeks before the actual exam, the white patent allows students to check their overall level of knowledge and identify their gaps in each of the areas.

2010 calendar

Common written tests

The written tests for the national diploma of the patent common to all candidates will take place on Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 June 2010 for the normal session and Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 September 2010 for the replacement session.

Other written tests

The written tests for individual candidates and those specific to candidates from international sections and Franco-German establishments will be held on lundi June 28, 2010 for the normal session and the Monday 20 September 2010 for the replacement session.

Recent reforms

As of the 2010 session, the patent consists of five parts:

  • The final written exam
  • Oral art history test (experimental in 2010, compulsory in 2011)
  • Continuous assessment during the year of 3rd
  • Certifications: the Computer and Internet Certificate at college level.
  • Level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The teaching of the history of the arts became compulsory at the start of the 2009 school year. Its assessment is optional for the 2010 session of the Brevet. If the pupil so requests, he can take an oral examination, organized in the establishment, during the year. Only points obtained above 10 out of 20 are taken into account (coefficient 1) and are added to the total points obtained.

Pupils who have validated level A2 in a regional language studied can request that the mention "regional language" appear on their patent diploma.

Annals and corrected subjects

Here is a selection of reference books for preparing for the college Brevet history exam. These inexpensive books offer both practical sheets and annals and corrections: ideal for preparing well.

History Geography Civic education 3rd

By Monique Redouté

Presentation of the editor

Easy-to-carry, easy-to-use cards: all year round, to assess yourself; before the patent, to remember the essential points of the program; a leaflet with the key points of reference.

History-Geography, Civic education Patent all series 2010

By Judith Bertrand, Guillaume Dumont, Jean-François Millaire

Presentation of the editor

A classification by themes for targeted revisions. Clear and complete answers: to develop reflexes by example. A convenient format for reviewing anytime. A "mini" price, so as not to hesitate to put all the chances in your favor! Also included, a new coaching notebook, to be on top during revisions and on the big day: a practical guide: planning, checklist, method and advice; health and fitness files: stress, sleep, diet, etc. ; a test to get to know each other better.

Publication of patent results and useful links

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