First names

First names

An eminently delicate choice for generations of parents, a first name is not only a more or less harmonious assembly of syllables and sounds. Whether it evokes a cultural reference, foreign roots, belonging to a social environment or even nostalgia for a bygone era, a first name draws its origins from its etymology and its history.

Emma. This first name successful and modern could sometimes make us forget that it already existed in the Middle Ages, worn by many queens. Contrary to what one might think, he is not the diminutive of Emanuelle but a first name in its own right. Immortalized by Mme Bovary, it is worn by several famous actresses. Celebration on April 19.

First name Emma: Origin, History, and birthday

In 2014, Lucas is the most popular male given name for newborns. Very popular in French-speaking and German-speaking countries of Europe, this first name is very popular in "BCBG" families, but not only. It is emblematic of the first names which owe their success to a fashion phenomenon since the 1980s. Celebration on October 18th.

Lucas name: origin, history, etymology and meaning

Nathan is one of the many biblical names in fashion in nurseries for the past twenty years. Nathan was a prophet at the court of David in the tenth century BC, this first name meaning "God gave". Common in North America for a long time, it has spread more recently in Europe. Celebration on March 7.

Name Nathan: origin, history, etymology and meaning

The Julius were the members of a patrician family of Rome, supposed to descend from Iule, the son of Aeneas, and from which Jules Caesar. This first name spread throughout the ancient world. It was popular in the 19th century, then disappeared until 2000 before coming back into fashion. Celebration on April 12.

Name Jules: origin, history, etymology and meaning

As its meaning indicates, "God healed", Raphael is the archangel of healing and the Bible cites his interventions with Tobias, curing his father of blindness. This first name does not achieve the success of Gabriel, but it is discreetly present in the civil registry from the 1970s to finally invest the first places of the most chosen first names since the beginning of the 21st century. Celebration on September 29.

Name Raphaël: origin, history, etymology and meaning

Emma. Celebration on April 19.

First name Emma: Origin, History, and birthday

A timeless classic, the first name Louise had its heyday in the 19th century. Eclipsed since, Louise has made a comeback since the end of the 80s, to the point of having become, if we include her diminutive Lou, one of the first choices of parents for little girls in her later years. Party on March 15th.

Name Louise: origin, history, etymology and meaning

The first name Manon is a French variant of Mary, and is celebrated on August 15, like the mother of Jesus. If in the past this name was associated with happy girls and popularized by the famous novel Manon Lescaut, today it is very popular, mainly in modest circles.

Manon name: origin, history, etymology and meaning

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